Audio Parasite Part.1 - Sludge (4) / Napalmed - Split Tape (Cassette)

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  1. in the audio cassette world, all cassettes are the same shape and same size. "type" refers to the chemistry of the tape. knowing the chemistry is important because different type tapes have different effects on sound reproduction. audio tape is not a sterile media. tape imparts it's own signature (distortion to you engineer types) on recorded music. knowing a little about what the different.
  2. After the advent of the CD, the cassette tape fell out of popularity. Although seen as an outmoded audio format, the cassette tape has the sound of an analog recording that some listeners still prefer. Over time, cassette tapes can become worn and damaged, but they can be restored to a playable condition.
  3. Fasmov 30 Pack Clear Plastic Cassette Tape Cases Audio Cassette Storage Cases out of 5 stars 22 # 50pcs mm Mix Cassette Tape Machine Belt Assorted Common Belt out of 5 stars $ # CheckOutStore (1) Aluminum Heavy Duty 12" LP Vinyl Record Album Storage Box (Silver/Holds 50 Records)
  4. cassette shells basically come in two types, welded together and screwed together. the screwed together shells will have from 1 to 5 screws holding them together. the welded ones have no screws. both halves are joined using a process called sonic welding which makes repair a little difficult but not impossible. welded shell tapes must be cracked open. screwed together tapes come apart easily.
  5. Jul 04,  · Audio tape is dead, but much of the audio we may have recorded is valuable. Here is a video on how to repair a broken tape at the spool - switching out the housing. If you have a broken tape .
  6. C-Zeros are the empty cassette shells. We load the tape into the shells. Order cassette duplication packages including covers Buy custom-loaded blank tapes in our online shop. Download the Video Real-time duplication rates Audio cassette transfer service available Transfer your audio cassettes to CD or MP3. Gallery of recent jobs we've done.
  7. Released on Death Letter Tapes ‎(UK) as a limited edition cassette Cassette (split tape) with IMdP, released by Abnormal Tapes, Slovania Topics: Noisebitch, the second chapter part 1. Jun 23, 06/ Jun 23, audio. eye favorite 1 comment 0.
  8. Jan 10,  · Anatomy of an Audio Cassette, a design by Belgian artist Ramzi Mesaddek, illustrates and labels all of the various parts that make up an audio cassette tape. Screen prints and vintage school posters are available to purchase on Etsy.. The ‘Audio Cassette Anatomy’ screen print poster is inspired by those great vintage school posters you find in antique shops.
  9. Type 0 - This is the original ferric-oxide tape. It is very rarely seen these days. Type 1 - This is standard ferric-oxide tape, also referred to as "normal bias."; Type 2 - This is "chrome" or CrO 2 tape. The ferric-oxide particles are mixed with chromium dioxide. Type 4 - This is "metal" tape. Metallic particles rather than metal-oxide particles are used in the tape.

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