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  1. After seven years, the hard rock band British Lion has come out with a solid second album. With the guidance of Steve Harris (bassist and main songwriter for the well-known heavy metal band Iron Maiden), the band has produced an hour-long record (The Burning) that is rock to the bone with metal influences and vibes throughout.
  2. Jan 15,  · While at times touching on Iron Maiden’s sound, British Lion refreshingly do not even come close to being a knock off. In this new year, British Lion present the release of their sophomore LP, The Burning, slated to drop on Friday, January 17, thanks to their new label Explorer1 Music. At heart, the core of British Lion is made up of five entities: Richard Taylor on Vocals, David .
  3. Dec 11,  · British Lion There's a significant difference between the British Lion of and the band that's releasing its new album The Burning -- whose title track is premiering exclusively below -- next.
  4. I’m rather amused by the naming convention of British Lion’s The Burning. The album is no doubt intended to be a follow-up to Steve Harris’s British Lion album that was released in due to the shared personnel and style between releases, but the tweaks they’ve undergone in that eight-year gap can make it feel more like the debut of a new project/5.
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  6. Coming eight years after their debut, ‘The Burning’ is the second album by British Lion and the Steve Harris led quintet have made a record that is at once modern, nostalgic and timeless.
  7. Jan 27,  · The Burning is a masterful album from Steve Harris's British Lion. Heavy rock back to its roots.
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