Diamonds Of Light Part 1 - Levantis - Meditation Moods (CD)

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  1. Diamond Light part question - , AM Does anyone know what the corners on a Diamond light are called? If I'm not mistaken, they are at an angle that flares the bottom of the light while being able to use non angled boards.
  2. The Diamond Light Consciousness is a calling card to every human being wishing to stop their conditioned suffering and who desires to awaken to the invisible current of love & intelligence, which already dwells within them.. The Diamond Light Activations are not only a highly effective and nurturing modality for self healing and self discovery, the Activations initiate a ‘spiritual reality.
  3. Diamond Christ Alignment is calling Light workers and Conscious Beings from around the world to anchor Diamond Light and Alignment into our world, offering FREE access to the 6-minute Diamond Christ Alignment Activation 24 hours a day, days a year.
  4. Diamond Light Center for Spiritual Awakening. Diamond Light Center for Spiritual Awakening is a contemplative spiritual organization dedicated to facilitating the process of spiritual awakening for seekers from all walks of life and religous backgrounds who feel called to explore and actualize the spiritual potential of human life.. We believe that Spiritual Realization is the ultimate goal.
  5. Diamond Light Meditation for Women By Lia Scallon. • 1 song, Play on Spotify. 1. Diamond Light Meditation for Women. Featured on The Sounds of Sirius. More by Lia Scallon. Song of the Sidhe. The Luminous Pearl. Crystal Keys - Songs to Awaken & Heal.
  6. ‘Diamond Light Meditation for Men’ is an exquisite healing journey of sound and guided exploration – an exceptional tool for profound relaxation. From the male ‘pulse’ of the drum, to the incredible intonations and evocations of Lia Scallon’s channelled vocalisations, this CD weaves folds upon fold of memory, visualisation.
  7. "Diamond Light Boogie" is a song by American band the Cherry Poppin' Daddies on their album Soul Caddy. It was the first and only single released off Soul Caddy and the Daddies' fourth and final single to be released by Mojo Records.
  8. OM Shanti & welcome beautiful Soul. It is with great joy and honour that I welcome you to this space. I am a great believer in cosmic synchronicities and it is no mistake that you have landed here in your travels. The inspiration for my work is always powered by my intention to be of [ ].

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