The priestly and mystic traditions - Alan Watts - You’re It! (CD)

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  1. And you have at last, then—if you’re honest—to say, I don’t. It doesn’t matter whether this is to some other human being or whether, in a religious situation, you have to sit back and look at the Lord and say, Lord, I don’t love you. I think you’re a bore. You’re demanding, you’re authoritarian, you’re .
  2. It's usual to make a distinction between a religion as practiced by most lay followers and even those in basic priestly roles, and that same religion as practiced by their saints, mystics etc. The former aspect is usually called that religion's "e.
  3. Alan Watts Click here to playing each other off in the history of the Hebrew religion—the priestly tradition and the prophetic tradition. The priesthood is always concerned with the external observance of the laws. Lord, I don’t love you. I think you’re a bore. You’re demanding, you’re authoritarian, you’re domineering. And.
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  5. Producer, Elda Hartley; script and narration, Alan Watts Discusses the Zen philosophy of living for the present, developing sensory awareness, and appreciating the beauty of nature Search Educational Film Journals at Media History Project for references to this film Topics: 16mm Film, Educational Film, Zen Buddhism, Philosophy, Buddhism Source.
  6. India has a venerable tradition of Mantra Yoga, meditation through the divine Name. In Islam, the 99 Names of Allah are seeds of devotion and prayer. In Jewish mysticism, the ascent of the soul to God is through the divine name as well.
  7. Alan Watts - Your True Identity with Engels subtitles Complain [Music] I'm referring to a kind of experience a. kind of shall we say state of etc actually by doing that you're. implying that they're not because you. wouldn't be saying all this stuff. if you really knew it to be true so this.
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